Our years of experience provide you with value beyond belief. Try to imagine how many different promotional items we have created since 1990. You can bet we know what works, and what doesn’t. It all started a long, long time ago.

Carol Carneal started the business with the goal of helping other businesses grow. After more than 10 years working with successful start-up ventures, Carol grew to understand how important promoting a new company and brand is to the long term success of the business. Over the years Carol has helped more than 200 businesses, both big and small, to find the perfect solution for their promotional needs.

Today, business has become a crazy world. Carol knows how to eliminate some of that insanity. Every week she is helping businesses, like yours, to spread the word and promote their enterprises. With Carol in your corner, success is only a matter of time.

Making You Look Good Every Time

When it comes to choosing promotional products, business gifts and corporate apparel, your company’ s name – as well as your reputation – is on the line. Infinity Promotions, Inc. knows how to make you look good every time, in every possible situation. We are committed to providing you the best value of services and products for your promotional dollars.

The Answer to “Why?”

There are other companies that provide similar products so why choose Infinity Promotions, Inc.?

  • Our “ can do” attitude and extraordinary personalized service.
  • Our ability to work within your budget.
  • We can offer you fresh, creative ideas that will meet your marketing needs.
  • We know how to beat deadlines.

Remember, we can help you find creative ways to increase trade show traffic, reward employees, thank customers or liven up a sales meeting. So please enjoy our site and be sure to let us know how we can be of service to you.

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